GIOTAS S.A.
There are plenty of reason that leads in the final conclusion that wood is the building material of the future.
If we examine that point of view from ecological and technical perspective we will see that wood is the only building material which is continually renewed and is unmatched by any other material in meeting the requirement for recycling. 
GIOTAS SA in a 11.000 m3 covered area in the near district of GREVENA town , utilizes modern technology , while respecting the natural beauty of wood , to produce final products which retain the quality and advantages of natural wood , while eliminating its disadvantages. 
The wood  processing technology used in GIOTAS SA corresponds to the highest international technical standards.
The machinery for the production comes from the biggest companies worldwide that providing the best wood processing technology ( WEINIG , GreCon-DIMTER , HILDEBRAND , CANALI , SCHNEEBERGER , VOLLMER , LEITZ ...).
The scope of technical know how ranges from modern drying processes (conventional and vacuum) to optimizing cut-off saws and finger jointing lines and to commercial scale high-pressure impregnation  using wood preserving salts.
A long term investment program in the modernization of production makes GIOTAS SA the leading wood processing -company.

In 1996 GIOTAS SA is the first wood industry in Greece that starts the procedure for qualifying the production line of glulam timber according to the ISO 9002.

In 1998 the company is certified from the TUV organization.
In 1999 the company decides to follow safe environmental procedures for the production line .

One year later the German Organization DQS certifies GIOTAS according to the ISO 14001.

The unique combination of the most advanced technical equipment , good taste , tradition and long experience in the processing of wood is the guaranty that GIOTAS is offering finished products of excellent quality.