GIOTAS S.A.
Four generations of GIOTAS family are involved into wood treatment and elaboration .
The roots of the company are located before the beginning of the nineteenth century when  the family has started to work with wood .
In 1888 Manthos Giotas  was a skilled carpenter in Grevena.
In 1918 he goes to Istanbul to work with his son Panagiotis as a specialist in wood-working.
The demanding and rich work environment made them very experienced in the manufacture of wooden stares , window frames , doors and furniture.
In 1925 father and son returned  to Grevena and the start to built the first machinery for the wood-processing factory.
All the wood-working machines were self-made and they started to produce window frames and doors.
After the death of Mantos Giotas in 1927, his son Panagiotis was running the business.
In 1928 the need for a bigger area and new machines was demanding since the work was growing every year.
In a new area of 4.000 m2 and with new machinery the small family company was growing.
 All the wood-working machines are driven by a central engine .The distribution of
the transmission in a covered area of 2000 m2 was made by a complicated system of belts.
The whole system was designed and executed from Mr. Giotas who was a remarkable self-teached mechanic.
In 1943 the factory was totally burned down from the German army.
In 1945 Panagiotis Giotas and his wife Angelica started to built the factory from the
beginning repairing the burned machinery and constructing new machines from the destroyed war equipment and remaining useless vehicles .

(site of the factory in the year 1963)

In 1963 the two sons Mathaios and Menelaos Giotas are moving the factory in a new
area of 44.000 m2 outside the city of Grevena and they started a new activity, the production of parquet floors.
In the next 20 years the name GIOTAS is becoming synonymous with the quality ,
precision and respect to the customer needs.
In 1985 the company starts to develop the glulam products.
In this year starts a new investing program which gives the opportunity to the firm to
install the most advanced technology in wood processing in Greece.
The traditional know-how and the modern technology are making the combination of success for the family company and ensure the future progress.